7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench eBook

 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench eBook
7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench

7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench, In this Critical Bench Special Report we’re going to embark on the road to a 300 plus pound bench press. It’s no surprise that everyone fights over the benches at the gym on Monday evenings. The bench press or variation of it should be a staple of every program.

If you’re one of the people scrambling for an open bench you’re on the right track. When done correctly the bench press can be a full body exercise that will make you harder, thicker, stronger and more muscular in the least amount of time. Here are some tips you can use right now to increase your max in the bench press and set a personal record. Implement some or all of these techniques next time you workout to bust through your own bench press rut and add pounds to your one rep max.

1. Tuck Your Elbows

Almost everyone you talk to says they want to increase their bench press, but not everyone actually bench presses. The number one excuse I get, “I can’t bench press because my shoulders hurt.” Its true bench pressing with bad form can cause shoulder injuries but there is a way to alleviate this. I had the same issues myself and thought my heavy benching days were over. That is until several years ago when I met with a powerlifting coach and discovered this tip.

As you bench press, keep your elbows tucked in close to your body. By doing this the path of the bar will change a bit. The bar will touch a little lower on your chest right below your nipples. The fact you’re touching the bar lower on your chest will decrease the pressure on your deltoids.

The further you are from your center the less leverage you have. When you tuck your elbows and keep them from flaring out you transfer the load to your triceps taking pressure off the shoulder complex. Touching the bar lower and keeping your elbows in close will allow the bar to travel in a straight line. We all know the fastest way from point A to point B is with a straight line. Give this technique a try. You may drop in poundage the first few workouts, but you’ll skyrocket past where you were in the past in record time.

Notice in the photograph above (courtesy of SAS Digital Memories) the lifter has his elbows tucked in nice and close to his sides. This forces him to touch the bar a little lower on the chest, just below the nipples. You’ll also notice that his forearms are perpendicular to the bar and perfectly straight for maximum leverage.

This is an example of a lifter that has flared elbows. It is not wrong to do this it just puts more pressure on the shoulders. If you we were to follow the path of the bar I’d guess that the it would touch higher on the chest probably at or above the nipples. Personally I prefer the tucked elbows technique.

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