Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets eBook

 Iron Dolls   Female Bodybuilding Secrets eBook
Female Bodybuilding Secrets

Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets, Feminine Iron for Physique Perfection The bookstores, magazine shelves, and Internet are overloaded with a array of various books on how to achieve the perfect body. That brings up the question, “what is the prefect body?” The perfect body is the one YOU want and the one you work for.

To achieve the prefect physique you have to realize that you are an individual with unique genetics and a distinct metabolism. These are a couple of reasons why certain diet, training, and cardio formats work differently for various people. It’s vitally important to NOT compare yourself to others.

Iron Dolls is not about stroking your hopes and dreams. I’m going to lay down the hardcore, uncut, and raw facts. I will provide you with specific tools to manipulate your nutrition, natural hormonal responses, training, and cardio to minimize catabolism and maximize muscle growth and strength. Since this book is for the natural athlete, quality overrides everything else.

This means quality in dieting, training, and cardio. Those who choose to use steroids don’t have to focus so much on specific nutrition because steroids lower the need for protein quality by blocking cortisol’s catabolic (muscle wasting) effects. The mere fact that you are reading this book means you have the attitude to propel above what the average person can even comprehend mentally and physically.

This means you are an individual of action, and not just words. If you purchased this book for body fat reduction only, you’ll only get half of the equation fulfilled. Although bodybuilding is about body re-composition (building muscle and burning fat), I find far too many people trying to burn the fat with no regards to muscle.

Therefore, the focus of this book is muscle gain first, fat loss second. Keep in mind as you read this book, bodybuilding is not only about building muscle, it’s also about health.

Many bodybuilders seem to overlook the health aspect and focus solely on overtraining and gorging on protein. Without general health in the equation, you will never build muscle to your full potential. Some of the information you come across in here may seem irrelevant; trust me, it’s not.

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Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets
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pixel Iron Dolls   Female Bodybuilding Secrets eBook

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