The Real Thor Workout eBook

 The Real Thor Workout eBook
The Real Thor Workout

The Real Thor Workout eBook, When I first started training I had my fair share of struggles. No matter why I tried I couldn’t put on an ounce of lean muscle mass. So needless to say it was pretty damn frustrating.

That being said, when I eventually stumbled across the system that helped me gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks, it became very clear that it’s a lot easier than I thought to undergo such a transformation.

I whish I knew then what I know now. I would’ve spent less time in the gym, ate more foods that I liked, and enjoyed life a hell of lot more. Instead of spending hours in the gym burning muscle, I could have been spending more quality hours training, and building muscle.

Building ripped, powerful muscle isn’t about deprivation like most ‘fitness guru’s’ would have you think. That’s what this workout is going to show you.

In the following pages I’ll give you a free 3-week workout, with rep variations built in so you’re going to be attacking your muscles in new ways on a weekly basis. So, let’s get started. Good luck!

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The Real Thor Workout
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